Hypocrisy: aint it cool?

While I was sleeping and trying to adapt to working overnights this week, a high-quality work print of "Wolverine" was leaked to the internet a full month before the film is scheduled to be released. Some are saying this is the biggest leak for a major film in movie history.

What I find interesting is the stance that Harry Knowles' Aint It Cool News has taken.

"I don't want to encourage piracy at a time when the studios are laying off employees in droves." Says "Beaks" a minion in the army of fanatics that the site has. "This is bad, bad, bad for the business."

Oh really? It's OK for a site like AICN to build its reputation and subsequent geek empire by leaking information about films in progress, posting early drafts of scripts, divulging casting decisions and generally infuriating marketing departments everywhere, but GAWD forbid that someone involved in the film leak a work print out there for fanboys to see a month early.

I don't condone movie piracy and the person that uploaded the work print will most certainly be found and face time in FPMITA prison soon enough. But the hypocrisy of what AICN has so boldly stated leaves me totally slack jawed.

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J_Jammer said...

I heard about how much money an artist gets from CD sales and it's almost nothing. The studio gets freakin' mother load and the person that does all the work and the reason people buy the CD gets so little. And after hearing that and how they get mad when people steal music...it's laughable. The only person it hurts are the thieves called the Studio. You're not stealing from the Artist.

Now movies are a totally different. They need that money to pay the people that work for them and the studio that put the money into it. Stealing a gander at a movie by leaking is stealing far more than stealing a song.

Leaking the movie was a stupid thing as is anyone who saw it and bragged about it online.

oh and yes...very hypocritical of him to be this way.

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