Hollywood News: Opening This Weekend

Last weekend's big surprise winner "The Fast and The Furious" initially flew off the starting line like a bat out of Hell, but is now starting to slow and sputter like a Camaro with vapor lock. And with two new films opening this weekend, it will make for an interesting race to see who will put the over-used "#1 in America" moniker in their commercials the following week.

Here are the two films opening this weekend:

Seth Rogan's latest and the second film this month about mall cops, "Observe and Report" (Rotten Tomatoes 59%). There's been some controversy lately about a scene in the film that implies that date rape is funny. I think a lot of people are getting their britches in a bunch over nothing. The film seems marginally funny and if you are a fan of Rogan, you will no doubt love it.

Hannah Montana The Movie - (RT 36%). Anyone who goes to see this film and is shocked at how formulaic and corporate it is, deserves to be smacked. This is a 102 minute Disney channel TV episode that will appeal to the target demographic and be reviled by the people that have to drive the target demographic to the theater. Its rubber stamp corporate filmmaking. Open wide, boys and girls and let the nice people at Disney cram their carefully constructed garbage down your throats.

And don't forget to buy buy buy!

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