Geico Tries to be Viral

"Organic Marketing" is the buzz word of the day.

Essentially, "Organic Marketing" is just a fancy way of saying corporate-created advertising that tries to disguise the fact that its corporate advertising. It's about as "organic" as a chicken McNugget.

This morning I received an email from a nice person at Sinuate Media, LLC, which bills itself as an "Organic Marketing Company" that specializes in corporate viral videos.

Apparently, Geico insurance is trying to use the organic marketing tactic, so they made up a bunch of "parody" videos that they hope the denizens of the world wide web will spread around like wildfire.

Personally I detest this kind of marketing. The best viral videos are GENUINELY organic in nature. In other words, when the video was shot, no one thought of trying to make any money off of the clip, only that they thought it was amusing enough to share with friends.

But because marketing companies see this as a free way to advertise whatever product they want, they exploit the idea of viewer-promoted advertising. They think we'll all be amused by the cute videos and forget that a million dollar advertising company was secretly behind the the video and desperately hoping that you will pass the clip to your friends, so they dont have the spend the money in traditional advertising.

So here is the latest commercial for Geico Insurance, poorly disguised as a viral video. In this video, they managed to team up with internet sensation turned corporate whore, Gary Brolsma, better known by the universe as "the Numa Numa guy."

Hope he got paid well for this:

Doesnt that make you want to run out and buy car insurance?

I'd really like to hear what you all think about corporate-funded viral videos and how they affect what we see. Post your comments below.

If you are one of the lucky ones, maybe I'll send you a Geico T-shirt.

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TiggerNYC said...

Don't companies realize that viral campaigns just take off, you can't really make it happen without looking stupid (and sometimes like the Domino's case, you really don't want it to happen).

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