“Earth” Charming Repeat in a Godly Tone

Genres: Action/Adventure, Art/Foreign and Documentary
Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.
Release Date: April 22nd, 2009
MPAA Rating: G
Distributors: Disneynature

Directed by: Alastair Fothergill

JJ Rating: B+

Animals on the planet being filmed by humans on the planet. Earth.

James Earl Jones is one of the main reasons to see this film because his commentary is funny and amusing and makes watching the documentary that much better. His delivery, of course the part he had total control over, is what was also amusing. He may not have written everything or anything at all. The other thing that makes this film good is that it takes out all the blood that goes with the animal kingdom, making it a great film for children to learn about animals without them being forced into knowledge about death. Death does happen in the film, but it’s subtle and mainly assumed not shown.

The shots of the animals in their habitats are fantastic, heartbreaking, enjoyable, crushing and enlightening. Animals are just as funny as humans with how the react to different things. Putting a story behind animals and what they are doing adds more perspective to what is being seen and appreciation for what they go through in their lives, as well as how we are having a profound effect on them. Above all it makes the viewer care about the outcome and care about what’s going on around them because of the cute little animals on the screen.

Discovery had that Planet Earth program on and it was shot by the BCC and those shots seem similar to the shots I saw in this documentary presented by Disneynature. I find that to be obnoxious but because of my two reasons for liking it makes this a rather small annoyance. Plus it is mainly made for children and for that it is really well done.

There are three families: polar bear, elephant and humpback whale. What they all have in common is that there is a mama and children or child. The father isn’t in the picture. The children are amusing just like human children. The polar bear cubs go the wrong way, the elephant calf runs into a tree due to exhaustion and dehydration and the mother guides him back on track, the whale calf cannot reach the surface and mama lifts him up. These animals are so full of personality that it’s just engrossing to watch even though, as I stated, I’ve seen it before.

Every time I watch a documentary about our Earth and our animals I fall in love all over again with how amazing this planet is. The different areas where life grows, where water flows, where air is cleaner and where the climate is meaner. Disney is smart in making this for children. Change a child, change an adult, and that’s what this planet needs more caring adults. Earth might be a repeat of what has already been seen, but a repeat with James Earl Jones speaking as God would if he were telling us what the animals are doing on that screen. And who would argue with God’s voice? I’m sorry I mean James Earl Jones…with a voice like that who wouldn’t call him God?

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