Dont Piss Off Billy Bob Thornton

Some of you may know Billy Bob as an actor. Some of you may know that Billy Bob Thornton is a musician. But when Billy Bob is touring with his new hillbilly/ 60's retro fusion band, the Boxmasters (where he goes by the name "Bud") and they are doing publicity for their tour, its probably wise not to mention Billy Bob's acting career, lest Billy Bob get angry.

CNN is reporting that Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi was told SPECIFICALLY not to talk to Billy Bob about his acting career, but hyphen's be damned, the host introduced Thornton as a singer/songwriter/drummer, and also an Oscar-winning screenwriter/actor/director.

Thats when Billy Bob got a little perturbed and decided to clam up:

Ghomeshi: Billy Bob, you guys formed only in the last couple years, right?

Thornton: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ghomeshi: How so?

Thornton: I don't know what you mean by that.

Ghomeshi: When did the band form?

Thornton: I'm not sure what that means.

I know this sounds like some weird mutation of a Monty Python sketch, but that's the sound of an eccentric (some say creepy) multi-hyphenate getting pissed.

The CNN article explains that as the conversation went on, things got a little more heated until Thornton finally relented and answered some questions.

Now, Thornton recently did a taping of the program "Texas Monthly Talks" in Austin where he was completely forthcoming about any and all questions asked of him. After the taping he even did a quick "Karl" impression from "Sling Blade" for the audience. So I find it interesting that he would react so strongly against some radio host.

Then again, had he not been a total dick to the radio host, none of us would be talking about him now, would we?

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