Breaking News: "Anonymous" Speaks For Pirate Bay

This video was posted to YouTube sometime this afternoon. It appears Anonymous is on another crusade. This time against anti-piracy websites:

It is true that by using file sharing networks we may be committing a crime. But there is no crime greater than favoring one company over another in the corrupt eyes of the law. The founders of are awaiting their jail sentence and the founders of and are living free with no worries from the law. We strike because we know that it is not about legality, it is not about lawlessness, it is not about going against your principles, as you obviously have none. It is about Justice, true justice that only a member of our organization can see. And believe me, we are many. And we will all carry out Justice that the rest of the world will not.

Here's the video. The full transcript can be found at their YouTube page directly:

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