Yet Another Reboot: Marmaduke

I'm still holding all you suckers that paid to see "Chipmunks" responsible for this new onslaught of animated characters being adapted into films.

It was just last week that we reported that Yogi Bear was making his way to the big screen and now comes word that the Sunday un-funnies comic "Marmeduke" is going to be the next in line to be rebooted.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is fast-tracking this one in order to strike while the iron is hot and has tapped director Tom Dey to helm the project. Dey has previously directed such films as "Shanghai Noon" and "Failure to Launch."

They dont know if Marmeduke will be a CGI or live action character just yet. The fastest to produce might be live-action, but you can get the character to do whatever you want with CGI and you dont have to worry about stepping in dog crap all over the set.

We will keep you posted. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I don't usually do animal movies unless they are really funny.

I hope that Fox decides to do live action. Movies are just better when there is a live animal on the set.

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