Yet Another Reboot: The Fastastic Four

OK, seriously: This is getting ridiculous.

Word on the street is that 20th Century Fox is gearing up to do a reboot of The Fantastic Four. Yes, they are going to re-make a movie they made 5 years ago.

I wonder how many months away we are from a Watchmen reboot.

IESB has some of the details:

The two films previously released never really caught on with the fans and the studio is reportedly looking to completely retool, recast and recrew the franchise. This means no Tim Story, no Iaon, no Julian (thank the maker, he never sat well with me as Dr. Doom), no Chris, no Chiklis and no Jessica.
I can see remaking a film that was not-so-hot the first time around, or doing a reboot on a film that was popular for a different generation of viewers, but to do a reboot of a film you made in this decade just smells of desperation.

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