"Where the Wild Things Are" Trailer

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Director Spike Jonze and where he's at with his adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic kids book, "Where the Wild Things Are"

But the wait is finally over and a teaser trailer has been posted to the apple trailers site.

As a trailer, its kind of weak, but I think most people will just be excited to see the big monsters in all their fuzzy, toothy glory.

I must have read that book a hundred times when I was a kid. We'll see if Jonze treats the story with the respect it deserves.

See for yourself.

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Happyrunningbunny said...

When you first posted something on your site about how they were going to make a movie out of this book I was kind of upset, this is my favorite childhood book and I didn't really trust the movie industry to turn it into a decent movie.

After seeing the trailer I feel a little bit better. The Wild Things are awesome looking and it looks like the movie has potential not to be terrible. I might just have to borrow someone's kid and take them to go see this when it comes out.

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