We've changed our name!

Media Morgue has officially changed its name to the Hollywood Dump.

We are now www.hollywooddump.com.

Why Hollywood Dump? Well it seemed fitting. In light of all the terrible movies that seem to be dumped into theaters without any concern for the audience appreciation...

For all the pointless, countless reality shows and innane sit-coms on TV that get dumped into our homes on a daily basis,

We dedicated this website to sorting and seperating the junk from the treasure. Let us be your dumpster divers in the big trash heap known as Tinseltown.

We will still deliver the same level of quality (snicker) journalism you all have come to expect from us over the years. And we're planning on being around a while, too.

If you have been visiting us from a bookmark, that should still work. If you have been visiting us from an email, that should work as well. In fact, you shouldn't have to do anything to still see our site. We are still hosting everything on blogger, so only the name of the site has been changed.

A very special thank you to our winner of the re-naming contest, DAVE BROWN of Austin Texas for coming up with the winning name.

In the next few weeks (months, etc) we will be fixing and tweaking the site to look its absolute best. A lot of things have to be changed around behind the scenes and I am still learning a lot about how to do that. I've got a lot of work ahead of me, but hopefully this will have minimal impact on you, our dear readers.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the site, please let us know.

And if there are any HTML or SEO folks out there that would love to volunteer their work, we'd love to hear from you.

And a very special "thank you" to Chad Brokaw for changing his mind and deciding not to sell the name mediamorgue.com like we had originally agreed. This motivates me to learn more html and css coding. Thanks, Chad!

Welcome to the dump.

The Judge
Editor in Chief and Lord High Everything Else


Justine said...

Congrats on the new domain name!

The Judge said...

Thanks! Its been a monumental pain in the ass to try to get all this done. There is still a metric ****ton to do, though.

J_Jammer said...

It makes me feel dirty.

Brad said...

I think the logo needs a dump truck dumping crap on the Hollywood sign.

The Judge said...

Not a bad suggestion. Anyone want to draw something up?

J_Jammer said...

You know if you find the right person on Deviantart.com they can do a commission and draw something creatively cool and such. I know some people that might be able to do a decent job.

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