Weekend Box Office Recap

A busy weekend at the box office as three new films fought for first place. In the end, Nicholas Cage's film "Knowing" took the top spot at $24 million, with Paramount's bro-mance "I Love You Man" took second and Universal's "Duplicity" took the third spot.

Meanwhile "Watchmen" continues its rocket ride to the bottom of the charts, dropping 62% from the previous week to land in 5th place, and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" finally falls out of the top ten.

Here's the list for the weekend.

1 (new) Knowing $24,814,000
2 (new) I Love You, Man $18,005,000
3 (new) Duplicity $14,401,530
4 (1) Race to Witch Mountain $13,004,000
5 (2) Watchmen $6,725,000
6 (3) The Last House on the Left $5,920,930
7 (4) Taken $4,100,000
8 (6) Slumdog Millionaire $2,700,000
9 (5) Madea Goes To Jail $2,510,000
10 (9) Coraline $2,142,689

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