"The Three Stooges" Casting Rumors

OK, so MGM is going to do a reboot of the Three Stooges, directed by the Farrley brothers and designed to bring slapstick humor to the next generation of people that barely know who the Three Stooges were.

But according to Variety, the casting for this is kind of brain-scratching:

Sean Penn as Larry

Bennicio Del Toro as Moe

and Jim Carrey as Curley


According to Var, Penn is already on board and MGM is working on Del Toro and Carrey. Production will start in the Fall for a 2010 release.
What do you think? Is this do-able?


J_Jammer said...

This would give me a better feel for Sean Penn. He's done far too much serious crap and takes himself (seemingly) seriously. So seeing him in a comedic role would do his image good.

Happyrunningbunny said...

I could see Jim Carrey but I don't think it is going to work with those other two.

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