Smallville Shake-up! Say it ain't so, Chlo!

"You can't fire me...i'm type-cast!"
After renewing the show for its ninth season, producers have dropped a bomb by promising to kill (permanently) one "veteran" character and one relative newbie.

...and no screwing around...producers say these folks will STAY dead.

The consensus on the newbie seems to be the human aspect of Doomsday (they don't have the actor on contract), but the "veteran" show alum who is to die is shrouded in mystery.

According to folks who spend WAY too much time thinking about this stuff, the logical choice both from a storyline standpoint and from a production standpoint is...Chloe Sullivan. (Played by the always perky, and intermittently hot, Allison Mack) Despite being a staple and favorite in this series since its inception, a number of factors point to her possible departure here is the reasoning as the fan-boys and -girls have it:

1. The internal story does not support Chloe's continued existence. Folks from the future have already come back and told us she's not in the history books, plus, she's been slowly morphing into a psychotic-doomsday-moster-enabler. Who needs that around?

2. Like her or not, Lois (Erica Durance) is ingrained for the long haul... as is Supe himself (Tom Welling). Those are the only "veterans" that have been around since (almost) the beginning. (Lois joined back in season 4)

2. Bringing Ms. Mack back would be a costly endeavor for a small network like the CW, considering that the show's timeline make her character increasingly irrelevant.

Some desparate skullduggery on the part of loyal Chloe-ites have produced a few alternate theories, but they don't seem to answer well:

1. Lois (Eica Durance) dies and Chloe takes her identity... (wierd, I know, but it seems to be a popular theory).

2. Doomsday killes Supe. (Except we know that Welling is back next season, and that would kind of kill the whole plot...)

3. Oliver Queen dies. (This would be inconsistent with universe's mythology, with which the show has tried to be reasonably sympatico)

4. They kill Lana (Kristin Kruek) in a non-filmed incident. (Possible, but a real cheap cop-out)

5. Ditto for Pete. (Though i've always hated that douchebag)

Candidates for the other death, aside from "human" Doomsday, Davis are: Tess, Martian Man, Mrs. Kent, other random mutations from the nascent Justice League, Kara

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