Original Cast Confirmed for Ghostbusters Sequel

Last September, we confirmed that a third "Ghostbusters" sequel was being worked on with Judd Apatow producing. At the time, there was some speculation how much of the original cast would be involved in the re-birthing of the franchise.

But on Friday, MTV reported that Harold Ramis spilled some of the details on where the production is at:
Ramis promised that all the old core players will take part in the updated version, including Bill Murray (Dr. Peter Venkman) and Dan Aykroyd (Dr. Raymond Stantz), who co-wrote the original films. "We're all going to be in it in different kinds of roles," Ramis said. "We're going to be the sage mentors. There are going to be young Ghostbusters."
OK, so its a changing-of-the-guard story. That kind of script has been done before, but with the original cast returning, this could be good. And with "The Office" writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupniski doing the screenplay, this has the potential to be REALLY good.

So now with literally nothing to do except wait for news that Lee and Gene are done with the script, the internet turns to the wonderful world of speculation about casting. Will Apatow round up the usual suspects? Seth Rogan? Jonah Hill? Paul Rudd, James Franco?

And by "core players" are they including Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver, as well?

The answer right now is that its anyone's guess. Casting doesnt start until the script is completed. But I will say this now: with the old cast and the right people in the roles of "the new guys", this could be one of the biggest sequels and franchise resurrections in modern film history.

Production is tentatively scheduled to start sometime in the Fall of this year, which means that a release of 2010 is quite possible.

My eyeballs will be peeled looking for more information on this. As soon as we get something, we'll post it here.

If anyone hears anything more about this project, let us know!

Stay tuned.

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