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Watchmen, Watchmen, Watchmen!

Like a broken record, that is all we've been hearing about for the past year. "'Watchmen' may be delayed! by Warner Bros." "New 'Watchmen' pics!" "New 'Watchmen" teaser trailer!" etc etc etc. Countless blogs have been going on and on about it, falling all over themselves for every little scrap of carefully planned marketing bullet point that was "leaked" to the press.

Thankfully, the geek-fueled viral hype train is finally coming in to the station and the film opens officially in theaters today. And with this being the only movie that's opening this weekend, the box office numbers should be incredibly high.

Opening in over 3,600 theaters including 124 Imax locations, my guess is that "Watchmen" will easily gross a bigger take of the box office than any of the other films in the top ten combined.

The big question I have is: how well will this do in its second frame? Once the geeks have engorged themselves on the pulpy, R-rated comic book action flick, Will there be as much of a repeat viewing by the 1st week crowd as there was with "The Dark Knight"? How well will the film do with the "normal" people? Will the average 30 something that never read comic books be motivated enough by word of mouth to want to check it out? Will critics and fans love it enough to drive audiences to it in the second week, or will this be a one-week-wonder; One gigantic flash-in-the-pan of a popcorn flick?

What do you think about this movie? Does it have the legs for a second week winner?

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