Nobody is Watching the Watchmen

Last week I questioned if "Watchmen" was worthy of the pre-release hype or just a flash in the pan that's soon forgotten.

It looks like the answer to that question being told right now.

It looks like Watchmen was only able to make $5 million Friday night, which suggests that it might not clear much more than $15 for the weekend, which would be a colon-blowing 70% drop from its opening frame.

"Escape to Witch Mountain" was the expected winner for the weekend and most figured that Watchmen would slip to second place. Now it looks like the superhero movie is struggling to hold onto third.

We'll post complete projections of the weekend on Monday. I just wanted to point this out right now.


pcmemoirs said...

No wonder the ticket sales dropped. The movie is too long, some peple don't get it, or it's too violent...
People who have seen it give it either A+ or F grades; there are not many inbetween. They either love it or hate it.
In my opinion, it was just ok - not a great comic adaptation, and I wouldn't recommend it....

The Judge said...

It seems clear that the film did not live up to the hype.

Thanks for the post!

J_Jammer said...

There is no better adaptation from book to movie than this film.

In a realm where a fat mall cop movie can break 100 million it is no wonder a smart movie like the Watchmen would flounder.

It's like the film Idiocracy is coming true....

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