New STAR TREK Trailer

I have to keep forcing myself to not get sucked into a well cut trailer. I have been burned way too often with fancy editing, dramatic lines of dialog and pounding music, only to sit in a theater after the movie ended and wondered why they couldn't shoot the actual film as well as they did the trailer.

But this one has me throwing all those pre-conceived notions out the window.

This one has been carefully designed from the ground up to jump start the dead in the water Star Trek franchise. And I have to admit that from the looks of the trailer, director JJ Abrams has done an admirable job.

I havent seen this in the theater yet, (though I suspect that it will probably play before Watchmen, if you are going out to see it tonight) but if the sound system is good in the theater where you see this one, I'll bet you get goosebumps.

Here is the new trailer for "Star Trek"

So? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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