New "Public Enemies" Trailer

Yesterday we showed you one of the teaser posters for the new "Public Enemies" film coming out in July.

And now, here's the trailer:

It certainly looks like we have another film in the caliber of "The Untouchables." A similarity that I'm sure will be mentioned quite a few more times by other blogs in the weeks and months to come. Even if the movie is crap (which I really doubt) the fact that everyone and their neighbor will be comparing it to the 1987 Kevin Costner/ Sean Connery flick will help give the new film a lot of "legs" as we move towards its Summer release.

Even though I am leery of being swayed by a well edited trailer and its in my nature to be suspicious - if not downright skeptical - about new movies, I do have to say that this one looks pretty damn good.

Let me know what you think.

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