Last.Fm Results for American Idol: March 26

The site is . What it does is track the listens you have via your player on your computer and your ipod. It ranks who you listen to the most and what tracks you listen to the most. The term Scrobbling is what is used when you listen to a song and it’s added to your count.

This is most likely not going to be accurate like where they track the votes from callers and are 98% accurate. This is more for fun and it’s informative.

What I have here is a ranking of the American Idols via their plays on Last.Fm. Some have more listeners than others, but it’s the plays that are more interesting. It shows who is more favored and liked by those listeners.

Whether or not this is accurate on who will be voted out or, even, who is in the bottom three, I don’t know. It’s just interesting to me that Adam Lambert is so far ahead of the second place Kris Allen. Not to mention one would think Danny Gokey would be second.

What this also seems to point out is that it’s a male contest. It seems the females will all be gone soon enough. I find that a little hard to believe seeing how Allison sounds great, most of the time.

This shows that Michael, Scott and Lil Rounds are the least listened to. Will they be in the bottom three? I don’t know. I would rather see Megan go because she sounded like a dying cat being kicked by a four year old repeatedly.

Last.Fm Results This Week:

1. Adam Lambert --- 39,960 plays (1,501 listeners)

2. Kris Allen --- 18,320 plays (1,006 listeners)

3. Matt Giraud --- 16,724 plays (870 listeners)

4. Danny Gokey --- 14,900 plays (950 listeners)

5. Anoop Desai --- 14,739 plays (760 listeners)

6. Allison Iraheta --- 11,472 plays (940 listeners)

7. Megan Joy Corkrey --- 4,200 plays (480 listeners)

8. Michael Sarver --- 2,021 plays (351 listeners)

9. Scott MacIntyre --- 2,007 plays (318 listeners)

10. Lil Rounds --- 1,999 plays (378 listeners)

I’ve had a Last.Fm. account since 2005 December and they’ve improved on the time it takes to update the play counts. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers have already changed. But these are what I had when I did it last.

Again I don’t expect much out of this other than it to be fun to show and to treat it as if it was some sort of American Top 40 list and plays are record sales. The more you listen to a track or band the more you actually like it. Actions do speak louder than words.

So vote, vote, vote and play, play, play.

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