Johannson Replaces Blunt in Iron Man Sequel

Scarlet Johannson has signed on to play the character "Black Widow" in the Iron Man sequel, replacing Emily Blunt who was originally cast for the part.

According to DHD, Blunt was apparently bumped from Iron Man 2 because Fox exercised a contract option to force her to star with Jack Black in the reboot (yes, ANOTHER one) of "Gulliver's Travels."

And the word is that the contract between Johannson and the studio is crap. She's apparently working for pennies (which is still millions in Hollywood terms) that ties her to the rest of the sequels planned for the Iron Man franchise. Remember the Samuel Jackson brouhaha a few weeks ago? It sounds like the same issue. Movie studios are trying to tighten their belts (and axe jobs to keep the doors open) and looking at ways to cut production costs everywhere. But it sounds like the actors are not interested in doing discounts. More talk of money wars will undoubtedly be popping up more frequently in the near future.

I'm happy to hear that Scarlet will be in the new movie. Its always fun to see her playing a sexy vixen. And if nothing else, it gave me an excuse to run this photo of her from Allure magazine.

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