Is Wonder Woman being Fast-Tracked?

IESB is reporting that Warner Bros. are apparently making "Wonder Woman" a priority.

Work is in the early stages, but if true, WB wants to fast-track the DC heroine to the big screen, hoping to ride the wave created by the Watchmen hype.

And with "Green Lantern" scheduled to start principal photography this year, it looks like the "comic book adaptation" genre is sticking around a little while longer.

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J_Jammer said...

DC has only one real hit and his name is BATMAN. They better be careful. Wonder Woman is the other part of their Trinity and if it doesn't do better than Superman then life is all but over for film adaptations of her and him. Her doing well and Green Lantern riding her wave of success will no doubt bring on the JLA.

Failure would kill lots of potential.

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