Idol Chatter: The Tour Is Set

*** I was ill on Tuesday and could not write on the performances. Short version: I really don't like Country night.

So, we have our top 10.

Some observations:

- This was the last meaningful cut until the finals. Everyone left is employed for at least a year after the series for the Idol Tour, after which they can move on to their careers on Carnival Cruises or off-Broadway productions of "Rent".

- Talk about killing a rumor fast; If you didn't hear, a supposed AI "insider" had been blabbing to all and sundry that the top-four were already picked by producers. Scandal! According to this source, your top four are: Danny, Adam, Lil, and... Alexis! oops.

- I really don't think the producers need to do much more than they already do to influence results... every year has yielded at least one real money-maker even if it is not the eventual winner of the show.
- I think Simon calling her "Little" was the funniest gaffe on the show since the legendary "Tamica-Tameeka" incident. Aren't the British fun?

- The sing-for-your life add-on has just been sad so far. Alexis had no prayer after belting out 'Joline' for the judges in at least six different keys. The concept will become even weaker as the weeks progress.

- My bet is that Lil Rounds gets "saved" at some point, only to be booted the following week...

- I think that this year, more than any previous, the night's performance itself, rather than entire "body of work" will determine who stays and who goes. Really, any one of the remaining contestants is talented and marketable.

- Girls are getting to be an endangered species. It's now 7-3 in favor of the gents.

- WTF was Megan wearing on Tuesday? (and where do I sign up to be one of those things?)

- Randy Travis has some scary-ass teeth.

- Randy might just as well have sat out the "guest musical performance". It was all Carrie.

- Despite my distaste for him in general, I think Michael S. was the best of country night.

- Whatever you thought of Adam's version of "Ring Of Fire" you have to acknowlege that he sang the CRAP out of it. This guy is head and sholders the best vocalist on the show. (Given the competition, that is no mean praise)

OK: I acknowlege that the odds are meaningless the way this competition is panning out, so I will ignore that and continue to list them for no real reason:

Adam(4:1): Proved this week that he can get away with anything. If that arrangement didn't endanger him, I don't see anything doing it.

Danny (6:1): Simon mentioned that he sounds like Matt G. or vice-versa. If so, I think his backstory, charm, and non-addiction to the piano gives him the edge.

Kris: (8:1): I think eventually folks will realize that he is David Archuletta with just a bit more grit. Talented, but unremarkable.

Scott: (8:1) Uh-oh...his seeing-eye Idol got booted! His handicap and talent might float him past one bad performance... but his disability severly hampers the energy he brings to his music. It's hard to connect with an audience you can't see.

Anoop (10:1): The nature of the show now dictates that if steps on his crank ONCE, he's done. I just don't see him putting togather a run of performances like Tuesday's.

Lil (10:1): Still being pushed on us by producers. I just don't see the marketability of another Mary J. or Fantasia. yes, she's got pipes, but again, so does everyone else.

Matt:(10:1): He may have a slight edge vocally over Danny, but at some point, when they are head-to-head, Danny will win on personality.

Allison: (12:1): I'm coming around on her voice, but she has a similar problem as Anoop. Can she put together 10 straight knockout performaces? I think not...

Michael: (15:1): Absolutely lucked out that it was Country night. Any other Genre and it would have been him kissing off the tour.

Megan (15:1): She is beautiful, but has not shown herself to be in the same league talent-wise as most of the rest. If she does not step up, and soon, she will be gone quickly.
Comments? Did Randy's teeth haunt your dreams? Here's a real nightmare for you: A creature with Randy's teeth, Megan's right arm, Anoop's eyebrows, Allison's hair color (and Scott's style), and Lil's booty. I smell a photoshop contest!

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J_Jammer said...

I liked Country night. I liked several songs not including Adam's song that show cased how he looks having sex with himself.

Megan is godawful. She hasn't sang a single note that I even cared to hear. At least Sanja had a single song I liked "Say".

Kris is one of my favorites and Matt as well as Scott.

Adam is alright...but if he keeps changing crap to suit his narcissistic tendencies I could care less if he is the best singer---he would need to go.

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