Idol Chatter: Thoughts on the "Final 13"

So, they've finally found a way to inject some suspense into the selection process...they didn't let people vote! That's the only way they could have gotten folks like "Norman Gentle", Von Smith, and Psycho McCrazy (Tatiana) anywhere near the finals of this competion.

Some observations:

- While no one has really shown themselves to be "the next [fill in name of famous singer here]", I think thay have the most talented overall group of finalists ever.

- Because of that, I think they have nailed down the process for getting the best finalists. (only took them eight seasons...)

- While you can certainly argue that some talented people were left out, I believe you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who patently does not belong in the finals.

- Way to leave "Blind Scott" sitting on the stools...couldn't someone in the final group grabbed an arm?

- I think "Blind Scott's" presence among the finalists will severely curtail choreography in the group numbers. (not that this is a BAD thing...)

- I think if they were going to pull that "we're adding you in as a thirteenth" stunt on someone, they picked the right guy...imagine if they had done that to Tatiana.

- People cut at this level will never be heard of again. Name ANY of the top 32 of any season who did not make the top 12...(no cheating...I can see you Googling.)

- Song selection will now be the absolute killer, since the overall talent is largely equal. Listen for the judges to say things like "I hope the people judge your ENTIRE body of work...." That will be a major red-flag for some hapless contestant.

So, here are your finalists and my own booking odds of their success. I will update this after each elimination, and welcome your comments. (in some cases, even read them...)

Danny Gocky (6:1) Still the odds-on favorite, but I can see him being "forgotten about" by voters in mid-rounds 'ala Jennifer Hudson, Tamayra Grey et. al. It's also time to stop flogging the backstory. (this note is to producers, not Danny...I really don't think it's him...)

Adam Lambert (8:1) Probably the best pure vocalist in the competition. Presentation and style will have to change in order to garner more mass appeal. He's still very "Broadway", but the dude can sing the crap out of ANYTHING.

Alexis Grace: (8:1) The girls are going to have a huge problem matching up later in the competition. All else being equal (all the girls can sing well), this might come down to packaging, song choice, appearence,vocal range, and "uniqueness." Alexis has the advantages in most of these categories.

Megan Corkery: (8:1) Good singer, gorgeous girl. If she dresses right, she'll get the "horny guy" vote. (they will all dial with their left hands). The needs to quit trying to dance with her singing, or learn how to at least.

Scott MacIntyre: (8:1) Probably the best artist in the group. When he ditches the piano, he will struggle, but careful song choice should keep him in the mix.

Anoop Desai: (8:1) This one has a lot of teeny-bopper girl appeal. Think David Archuletta, but at full height. He will split teeny-bopper love with...

Jorge Nunez: (8:1) Good looking, nice guy, good voice. I think to make it to the last few rounds, he (Anoop) as well, need to develop more of a stage presence. Also, he needs to ignore the judges when they talk about his accent. They keep changing their minds and could screw him over. Next time, he should tell Simon to curb HIS accent.

Lil Rounds (8:1) Judge love will keep her around longer than merit. She's a good singer in her genre, but the last R&B niche female singer to win the competition was (uggh...) Fantasia... and the single-mom thing won't fly because Megan and Alexis also are single moms (although, Lil has more kids than the rest COMBINED)

Allison Irhita (8:1) She has to share the "young prodigy" title with Jasmine Murray, the hispanic love with Jorge, and the vocal talent love (and pink hair) with Alexis. She may not survive all of these divisions of loyalty despite her talent.

Matt Guirard: (12:1) Talented Guy, but unremarkable otherwise. One or two bad performances (or song choices) will kill him.

Kris Allen: (12:1) Another good-looking, talented, but otherwise unremarkable guy. He hasn't done enough yet to distiguish himself from Matt and ...

Michael Sarver: (15:1) Just a pretty face, the "Megan" of the males (with less talent). He will be lost in the shuffle very early on.

Jasmine Murray: (18:1) I really don't understand her selection by the judges. They accurately pointed out that she's not ready for this (she's the other 16-year-old). She will suffer by comparison to Allison, and, unless she polishes VERY quickly, she will be an early exit despite being flogged by the judges.

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Happyrunningbunny said...

I agree with your comments on the singers. Although Lil Rounds isn't a single mom....she's married but she does have ALOT of kids!

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