Idol Chatter: A Pretty Face Gone, But...

...Not the one we thought.

- Last night, we lost the eye-candy-for-the-girls Michael Sarver.

- I can only assume that the 17-25 year old male voters freed up their left hands long enough to vote en-masse for Megan. Where were the horny girls for beefcake? (Guess: Voting for Adam, Kris and Danny).

- Megan, I believe, does have a good voice, and, of course is very pretty. If she pulls her crap together and picks better songs, she could hang in for about 5th or sixth place.

- No matter how much the judges like her, the only thing(s) saving Lil Rounds at this point is the blatent inferiority of some other contestants.

- We might as well officially call the "Judges Save" vote the "Save Lil Rounds" vote...can you see anyone else (who might deserve it) needing it?

- Reuban Stoddard reminds us why we don't want a motown diva winning. His performance could have been done by any number of black "urban" artists. (and done better by most).

- I can't believe they blew an opportunity to have Scott McEntyre and Stevie Wonder do a duet. (or at least play a quick round of tennis). <------ "Endless Love"!

- Ryan is getting creative with his verbal "fakes". He fooled Kris, again...which is sort of like fake-throwing a tennis ball for your Golden Retriever, right down to the soulful look of reproach in those adorable brown eyes....

New Odds:

Adam: 3:1. I'm told by numerous reliable sources that it doesn't matter if he's "gay, straight, or on a date", Adam Lambert is SEXY... I'll take their word for it. He is, regardless, in a league of his own in this competition, and it would take a fairly major upset for him not to win.

Danny: 5:1. Remains a sentimental favorite. Producers have dropped his back-story, but he has the voice and talent to challenge anyway.

Kris: 5:1. A late bloomer, he combines the charm of David Archuletta with the talent of David Cook. That's a very potent combo...

Allison 6:1. Great voice, good performer... the wide-eyed innocent young'n thing works for her. When/If Kris and Anoop go, she will get major love from the valuable teeny-bopper vote.

Anoop: 6:1. He and Allison stand in real danger of being killed by a single bad performance, but so far, it hasn't happened.

Megan: 8:1. Despite looking completely outclassed this week, she could rebound with some better song/wardrobe/dance moves. She has a good voice and charisma, but she has not showcased them in recent weeks.

Lil 10:1. Get used to her. She'll be here until the sheer force of voter-hate smacks her down permenently. (My guess: the week after the judges bail her out)

Scott 10:1. The sympathy vote has allowed him to get away with some MAJOR mediocrity. It's starting to catch up to him. (He'll never see it coming...)

Matt: 12:1. There's just no room for him in this group. Not original enough, not enough personality to be memorable. Official nickname: "The Guy on Piano Who Can See." I think they should let that THING on his forehead sing...maybe he's hiding some talent there...

So, did you all fall off your chairs when Megan didn't even crack the bottom three?


J_Jammer said...

I did fall out of my chair and bonked my head. Especially since she was in the bottom on the Dial Idol thing. Ick. I have no idea how well she sings because every song I've heard thus far sounds like she's asking to be Old Yeller barking and begging while showing teeth.

Happyrunningbunny said...

I definitely fell on the floor. I just knew that she would be outta there, SHE even thought she would be outta there. Oh well...

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