Idol Chatter: Motown Night

Another week, another batch o' performaces from this year's wanna-be's.

Some observations:

- Production is getting sloppy. Again, the judges were not where they were supposed to be when Ryan was about to introduce them.

- Smokey Robinson was the guest-mentor, and, I thought, a good one. (Kinda scary-lookin' though....)


- For the first time in a while, there is an obvious loser tonight...

- Simon drawing on Paula's face was probably the most genuine Judges moment on the show in about three years.

So, how'd they do?


Kris: He's starting to come on in the competition. He's got David Archuletta appeal, with more maturity. He's talented, and some personality is starting to show.

Adam: It takes balls to perform a variation of one of the mentor's greatest hits. (Tracks of my Tears). To earn a standing ovation from said mentor... well, let's just say that Adam continues to set the standard for season 8. Plus, if he fails here, he can be an Elvis impersonator...

Danny: I don't get this. His whole mentor-clip is about Danny saying he'd take any suggestion from the "genius" that is Smokey, and then...he performs the song and ignores the suggestion....wierd...Wierder still, this GLARINGLY obvious diss/gaffe/stiff-arm/whatever that Danny gave Smokey was ignored by everyone.

Allison: She's shaping up to be a serious challanger. She starting to show maturity in a venue that necessitates a quick learning curve.

On The Bubble:

Matt: He's good, but not great. Total lack of charisma. He doesn't seem to bring anything unique to the table.

Anoop: Still has the teeny-bopper crowd, but he may lose some of that to Kris as things progress. His vocals suffer in comparison to many of the others on the show, and while he is getting better, he still is a vortex of charisma suck.

Lil: Expectations can kill. EVERYONE expected her to knock this week out of the park. She was good, but not great. (Plus, who decided she should dress like a flapper?!)

Scott: The sympathy vote is wearing out. He'll need to step up big-time to hang in for more than another week or two. I know it's because of his disability, but the way his face looks when he sings, talks and reacts to the judges is seriously creeping me out.

"Boo, again."

Michael: Surviving on looks and charm. Not a great vocalist. He should be on his knees this week thanking...

Train Wreck:

Megan: Totally tanked. I said before that in this competition in particular, one off-week could be fatal, and she had no wiggle-room (see what I did there?). Sang horribly, the outfit was just wierd (I was sure Simon would reference a cruise ship...) and she displayed a bit of a pissy attitude in critiques. On the plus side, she has a future as a Carrie Underwood stunt doouble. (as long as she doen't try to sing). If she survives this week, it would qualify as the first bona-fide shock of the competition.
So, what did you think?

1 comment:

J_Jammer said...

Megan is horrible. HORRIBLE. It's like she doesn't care.

I hope she goes...I really do.

I think that if she doesn't go and someone else does that the judges just might save that person. Unless it's Michael.

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