Idol Chatter: The Leftovers

It's the final group of twelve!!! The excitement is...well...not so much.

Some observations:
- For the first time this season, I disagreed with much of what the judges said...but what do I know? (hint: nothing)

- I'm getting tired of the judges flogging/promoting certain contenstants. This weeks beneficiary/victim: Lil Rounds. The only reason this has not yet backfiresd on them is they have been flogging the most talented singers.
- I don't see anyone in this group getting far, except perhaps the guy who also doesn't see anyone in the group.

- Props to Seacrest and blind guy for mocking his earlier attempt at a high-five.

- The song choices were mystifying... I don't get it.

- The back-up singers are now so bad, they are throwing the lead singers off...get Melinda Doolittle in there!

OK...prediction time: I'm out on a limb one struck me as a real lock, but here's my best guess:
Mortal(ish) Lock:

Scott Macintyre: Blind Guy has a lot going for him. I agreed with the judges when they said that behind the piano he is unstoppable. If only he would make eye contact more...(hee,hee)

Kristen McNamera: Despite (unwarranted) bashing of her song choice, I think she has one of the best female voices in the competition, even though she looks like that chick from "My Name is Earl."

Separated at Birth?

On the Bubble:

Lil Rounds: This week's "shamelessly-whored-by-the-judges" contestant. She sings well, looks good, but for me, at least, she is an unremarkable Fantasia/Mary jay Blige/ etc. etc. clone.

Ju'Not Joiner: I admire him showing arrangement variety on the song, but he really blew the delivery. If he can keep bringing something new, he's worth keeping around.

Jorge Nunez: Dude, man up! you cried like a little girl... The whole you- have- an- accent-now- you -don't nonsense was annoying, but he sounds pretty good. I don't think he has much personality, though...


Kendall Beard: In between praising her looks and her choice of country style, the judges failed to notice that she BUTCHERED the song! Declaring for the country audience too soon is what got whats-his-name from week one. This is NOT NASHVILLE STAR!!!

Alex Wagner-Trugman: Goofy-looking guy. Jacked-up singing. He really blew it this time. He was AWFUL.

Ariana Asfar: Who was she? Did she sing? I think this is ASFAR as she goes! (thank yew...thank yew...tip the veal! Try the waitresses...)

Felicia "Scab" Barton: I think she really blew the potential drama of her ressurection from the Idol graveyard. The way she told it made it about as interesting as Ariana Asfar...YAWN. AND...she sucked BAD!

Nathaniel Marshall: His look is spooky. Facial piercing doesn't do it for me. Song choice was bizzare, and the performace did not match the song...but hey, at least he was in tune!
Taylor Vaifauna: Appropriately nicknamed "Taylor Who?" by Simon. Got screwed by inconsistant advice, but was totally unremarkable.

Von Smith: looks like the lost Osmond Brother...sounds to me like a cat being dragged backwards over a cat-torturing device... one slightly-less-screamy performance does not impress me.

Let us know here at the Dump what you thought of all this, we'll check in tomorrow with results and wild-card speculation.

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J_Jammer said...

haha....eye contact...oooh

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