Idol Chatter: ...And So It Begins: Pedophile Night

So, a lot of folks are bi*itching that Idol chose to promote Michael Jackson and his scary-ass face with the first finalist theme week. I have to give them a pass on it. In music and sport, you have to able to separate an individual from their talent/accomplishments. No matter how much Jackson likes to "shop in the junior's section", a single look at his discography makes him a lock as the "King of Pop" and an excellent choice for an Idol theme week. (still oogy, though....)

Some Observations:

- Tuesday's performances validate the new selection process, as no one singer completely stepped on their proverbial crank.

- Song choice continues to baffle me... I still say upbeat is the way to go on live performances.

- I was surprised not to see more "cover-like" versions of the songs...there has been some success in the recent past with "modernizations" of classic Jackson tunes. (Remember David Cook's Billy Jean?)

- The Judges are in midseason form: Randy is irrelevant, Paula was stoned, drunk, or hit with something heavy, and Simon was pissy. Kara fluctuates wildly between mindless synchophant and thoughtful critic.

- The judges did less overt pushing of producers' favorites. Danny and Jasmine should thank them.
- The pants that Lil wore really validated her last name...

- There will be a "new twist" that will "change the whole dynamic of the show". My guess: They bring back Tatiana every week, only to reject her again until she cracks. (over/under: 3 weeks)

- Seriously...guesses on the "twist"? Immunity for the highest vote-getter? Veto power for the judges? Post your ideas in the comment section.

So, How'd they do?

The Judges Loved: Lil Rounds, Danny G., Allison, Alexis, Jamine, Matt, Jorge

They Split on: Adam, Kris, Megan, Scott, Michael

They Sh*t On: Anoop

Why poop on Anoop? They know he's safe.

My predictions:

Bottom three:

Jasmine Murray: Although she did better than she had for the past three weeks or so, she just does not stand out in this crowd.

Michael Sarver: Good, but not great singer, and a pretty face. The girls with these characteristics go further.

Kris Allen: The first time I remeber him five minutes after he performs will be the first time I remember him...

Going Home:

Jasmine: The Judges attempting to ram her down our throats, plus her age and lack of any unique characteristics make her obvious cannon fodder this early on.

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