HBO's "Rome" Adaptation to Big Screen In the Works

Movieweb had an interview with actor Ray Stevenson about the release of the upcoming"Punisher: War Zone"DVD, and while they were talking, they asked him point blank if the rumor of HBO's "Rome" coming to the big screen was true:

"Apparently so. It is no longer a smoke and mirrors rumor. The script is in full development. As you are probably aware, this is a pretty strange process. We could go into production in a year, or it could be as quick as six months. Who knows? It will happen. At least it is no longer a rumor. From what I have heard, they are nearing the end of script development. We shall see. We shall see."
Hail Ceasar!

I was a big fan of the series that originally aired in 2005. The series also helped launch the career of people like Stevenson. It was a fantastic ensemble cast and I am excited at the opportunity to see a glimpse of the Roman empire from something other than the Gladiator arena.

If we find out any more info on this, we'll post it here. Stay tuned.

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