"Eclipse" Gets a Director

Summit Entertainment is letting it be known that newcomer director Juan Antonio Bayona has been tapped to helm "Eclipse," the third film in the rushed-to-the-big-screen adaptation of the Stephanie Meyer series of vampire books.

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily says Bayona is a protoge of Guillermo Del Toro and is known for his work in horror films. I wouldnt know anything more than what I could find from his IMDB. He has a few video credits to his name and has been nominated and won a few awards in Spain. His film El Orfanato received big praise at Cannes. This is his first English language film.

My guess is that he was affordable and willing to take on the responsibility of being scrutinized by thousands of fanatical Twilight fans. He should get a medal for that alone.

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