Dakota Gets Her Fangs

People Magazine has confirmed that Dakota Fanning will star in "New Moon," the next sequel in Stephanie Meyer's hugely successful "Twilight" franchise that exploded into the box office last Summer:

The 15-year-old actress is set to star in New Moon as Jane – a sinister vampire with an angelic exterior who works for the Volturi, a rep for Summit Entertainment confirms to PEOPLE.

"New Moon" and the next sequel "Eclipse" are being shot back-to-back to save money and to speed the process of getting the films into theaters before most of the target demographic grows up and starts noticing real boys or something.

Meanwhile, Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke says in her new book that she passed on the chance to direct the sequels and not the other way around as it was reported by the media:
"[It was] more money than I or anyone in my family has ever seen," she says, but
the pace that the studio wanted to crank out the films caused her concern. "I
really did feel a strong connection to the people around the world that liked
the movie—and to Stephenie and the actors. But I didn't think I could make a
good movie under those circumstances."
"New Moon" is being directed by Chris Weitz (Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist) and is scheduled to premiere on November 20th this year. "Eclipse" is due out some time in 2010 and currently doesnt have a director attached.

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