"Chopping Block" gets chopped from NBC Lineup

NBC has decided that due to dismal ratings over the last three weeks, the Marco Pierre White restaurant reality show "Chopping Block" will be getting the axe. Or cleaver, as it were.
NBC informed its affiliates this morning that the show has been pulled from the network's Wednesday schedule
Chopping Block is just one of many shows that will not be returning.
Among them:
Knight Rider
My Own Worst Enemy
Lipstick Jungle
and ER
And if numbers dont improve soon, expect "Friday Night Lights" "Kath and Kim" "Life" and "Kings" to suffer the same fate.
I like Marco and I think he is a culinary genius. Pity that the show ended up drawing such pitiful numbers. The show has foundered since its premiere and last weeks numbers (2.4/4) have taken it to the bottom of NBC's list for its top 20 prime-time programs.
Of course, had the chef showed off some of that "enfant terrible" personality he is so well-known for, perhaps the show would still be on the air. They even bragged in the early promos that he made Gordon Ramsay cry. Talk is cheap, fellas. Show it, dont say it. What you needed was a raving lunatic screeching every 5 minutes to really suck in the ratings.


J_Jammer said...

Networks are losing out because they only see one way of making money via commercials on TV.

They need to be innovated and not so one dimensional.

I'd suggest something, but I want money for my great ideas. ha.

Brad said...

Friday Night Lights got a 2-year extension from NBC/DirectTV

The Judge said...

True, which probably takes it off the "on the bubble" list. However that extension might get yanked if they cant bring up the numbers.

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