"Bruno" Gets Some Free Publicity

A lot of blogs the past few days have been going on and on about Sasha Baron Cohen's latest film "Bruno" getting hit with an NC-17 rating when it went through the MPAA ratings board.

However this is not a final review of the film and The Hollywood Reporter says that the film hasn't even been submitted yet.

What has actually happened is that the filmmakers have been told that SHOULD the film be submitted to the board in its present condition, they WOULD give it the NC-17 - which, pretty much ensures that no one would see it.

Universal is aiming to make this an R-rated movie and release it July 10. With that being the middle of the Summer box office season, Uni isn't going to take a chance at not packing the theaters with as many asses as possible.

A film can go through the MPAA's fascist, draconian review process several times before it gets the rating the studio is looking for. Cohen's previous film "Borat" got slapped with the NC-17 before they went back and cut out all the bad parts the MPAA didn't like.

Its a little game that happens every day in Tinseltown. Its all part of the Hollywood machine and the reason why so many filmmakers hate the way the business runs.

Here is a long trailer for the 2006 film "This Film is Not Yet Rated" that explains how the MPAA review board works. Caution, there is some naughty language. (oh heavens no!)

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