Big Surprise: "Watchmen" Takes the Weekend

With no other films opening in the same frame, and the box office devoid of anything remotely better interesting, it was a well-planned and carefully executed strategy that this comic book action flick would open with big numbers for Warner Bros.

But even though it cleared $55 million, the numbers are just a little off from what they fully expected.

Watchmen opened huge on Friday, bringing in almost half of its total weekend take. But as the weekend progressed, the buzz started to die down. Saturday's take was around $18.7 million and Sunday it's estimated at around 11 million.

Dark Knight it's not

The foreign box office numbers werent what they expected either. In over 5000 screens, Watchmen made $27.5 million total. That's far from "blockbuster."

So is "The Watchmen" a flash in the pan? After all the fanboys have seen it, will it tumble out from the top ten? My guess that next weekend's numbers should sound the clarion for the film and I will be talking about the film in terms of the biggest loser.

Next week sees three new movies coming out: Disney reboots a former kid hit with Dwayne Johnson in "Race to Witch Mountain," Universal reboots the horror flick "The Last House on the Left" and Fox regurgitates "Miss March" a tired comedy concept from a first-time director. All three of these might appeal to the prime demographic moreso than watching their much-hyped action flick a second time around.

We'll see.

Anyway, here's the estimated totals for the weekend.

I have to give special attention to the Jonas Brothers, whose film this weekend took one step and fell off the stage. Their 3D concert experience plummeted 77% from its opening bow and the Disney-constructed emo boys fell from 2nd to 9th in the Box Office top 10. Wow:

1 (new) Watchmen $55,655,000
2 (1) Madea Goes To Jail $8,800,000
3 (4) Taken $7,450,000
4 (3) Slumdog Millionaire $6,925,000
5 (6) Paul Blart: Mall Cop $4,200,000
6 (5) He's Just Not That Into You $4,020,000
7 (7) Coraline $3,313,000
8 (9) Confessions of a Shopaholic $3,140,000
9 (2) Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience $2,785,000
10 (10) Fired Up $2,600,000

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