American Idol: Special Report

Who do they remind you of?

Much has been made (by Me) about Danny Gocky's resemblance to a certain "Iron Man" star... but glancing at the pictures, I noticed that nearly all of this year's finalists bear a resemblance to a known star.

Coincidence? Probably...

Is TV Maven as blind as Scott McEntire?

You be the judge:

Danny and Robert Downey Jr.:

Despite the age difference, and the fact that Downey never seems to smile, these two could have been separated at a VERY long birth!

Megan and Christine Taylor:

Marcia, Marcia Marcia. It's Megan and Christine Taylor from the Brady Movies.

Adam and Elvis:

Hunka-hunka burning (or flaming...) love?

Alexis and Allison Mack (Smallville):

Alexis is pastier, but she does have the pink hair thing going for her....
Scott and John Heder (Napoleon Dynomite):

Dude...that hair....
Anoop and Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar, House MD)

Enough eyebrow between them to clothe an entire Ukranian village.
Jasmine and Janet Jackson (adjusted for age):

Ironically, she was eliminated during Michael Jackson week....

Jorge and Wilmer Valderama (That 70s Show)
Similar accents, too...

Kris and the Invisible Man:

Take off the glasses and they are identical....
Allison and Fiona:

Admit were thinking it...
Matt and Justin Timberlake:

Hey, Randy jackson said it, not me....
Michael and Brett Favre
Hey! They both should retire!!!

Lil and ???

 at home! Who does Lil Rounds remind you of?

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Anonymous said...

sad kris he is sooooooooo cute and you give him a pic. of an invisable man

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