American Idol: Results with a "Twist"

OK, so here's the "big twist" that they hyped on Tuesday: The judges can save one person (over the rest of the whole season) from being voted out. The following week, two will be eliminated. This is exceptionally stupid. Why? Glad you asked:

1. There are only 11 candidates left. If the Judges "save" one candidate, and they have to eliminate two the next week, chances are good (and getting better each week) that the same person will be eliminated...making the whole thing a waste of time.

2. It provides the judges one more opportunity to insult someone who has just been 'dissed by 30 million Americans when they decline to save someone. (Wasn't it fun watching Jasmine cry?)

3. The whole point of the show is for the voters to select the winner. Cutting into voter decisions (no matter how stupid they may be) at this point undermines the premise of the show.

4. After 2 or 3 more weeks, there will be no more "surprising" voter decisions...the quality of the artists in the top eight will be equal enough that it will just be about preferences, so there will be no "injustices" to correct. (this tool may have been more useful in previous years)

On the plus side...

1. Gives the judges one more chance to get into a raging pissing contest with one-another.

2. So far, the faint hope of reprieve has made the rejected folks sing a little better. (only to be gloriously shattered moments later)

Other observations on last night's show:

- Voters got it right. Jasmine and Jorge had no chance to win. Zero. Nada. Book it. Done.

- Anoop, Kris and Matt S. and Megan are next in whatever order whimsy dictates.

- Excellent guest artists. I liked both performances (even Kanye without his friend the "auto-tuner")

- Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson showed how even the best of this year's contestants are eons away from being "ready to go." Her performance was amazing and it was clear that she wasn't even breaking a sweat. I will make no rude comments about her weight, but she did look a little like Rachel Ray to me...

- The group number was tolerable, as was the Ford commercial.

- I admit I was surprised that Matt S. sailed through.

- I'm over Megan. She is gorgeous, but really sucked Tuesday. She'll need a major performance to rebound. (and that "dancing"... please! you are embarrassing us white folks...)

- Danny, Adam and Alexis were even better upon further review. These are your likely top three.

- I caught a little attitude from Lil Rounds when she was spared. A look on her face of "I knew it couldn't be me". I don't dislike her, but she'll never win this contest.

- Allison is actually becoming less mature as time passes...she's an emotional Benjamin Button.

- Alexis reminds me of Allison Mack (Chloe) from Smallville.

- Have to say that Ryan's "after the break" tease routine is getting old FAST. (but props to him for pumping Jasmine up after she lost her sh*t when the judges did not take her back. He seems like a nice dude.)

- Overall, the impressive talent this year is carrying the quality of the show. This is a good thing.

New Odds: (Of winning the competition)


Danny 6:1

Adam 6:1

Allison 8:1

Alexis 8:1


Scott 10:1

Matt G. 10:1

Matt S. 15:1

Lil: 15:1


Kris 25:1

Megan: 25:1

Anoop: 60:1

Agree? Disagree? Who cares? But, I can't snort dismissively at your opinions if you don't leave them in the comments section...

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