2009 Upfront Schedule

The "Upfronts" are a fun time of year. Traditionally held in the third week of May, the upfronts are the television networks way of showing off their schedule of shows for the new season. It also allows advertisers to buy commercial time months before the season begins.

Its a time full of hope:
  • Hope from the networks that the shows they've invested in will be ratings hits that will generate millions in advertising dollars
  • Hope from the advertisers that the shows they are purchasing time on will be popular so they can sell their product more
  • and hope from the TV audience that the shows the networks are trying to hock are not going to suck nearly as bad as we all expect.

Not that the consumers are invited to these functions. They are strictly for the press to mooch the free food, the networks to con the advertisers and the ad people to open their wallets.

For the complete schedule of when each network will be having their little press event, go here. (link goes to a PDF)

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