Yet Another Reboot: "War Games" with DiCaprio?

One of my favorite films growing up as a typical brat in the 80's was the film "War Games" staring a young newcomer named Matthew Broderick. Broderick played a computer wunderkind who uses his home computer to break into the main computer at NORAD and play a war game simulation. The computer naturally confuses virtual reality with the real thing and makes everyone think they are being attacked by Russian ICBM's. (In those days, the Russians were the de facto bad guys in most Hollywood pics - the Taliban of the 80's.)

It's a great popcorn flick, but by today's standards and computer technology it's downright comical. (The home computer Broderick's character uses has a 1200 baud modem and dual 8" floppy drives. You probably have more processing power in your watch at this point.)

Last night, the folks at Production Weekly posted to their Twitter feed that "Leonardo DiCaprio [is] looking to reboot the 80's thriller "War Games" at MGM " And that was all it took to start a flurry of activity from the movie blogosphere.

Last year, MGM released a direct-to-obscurity DVD remake called "War Games: The Dead Code" but the only people that were brave enough to admit to seeing it refuse to have their names posted here. (to put it simply, the film was abysmal.)

Its nice to see that something is at least being researched for a proper remake of the original film with a big name already rumored to be attached. However, I have been unable to find any other sources for this information except Production Weekly's brief mention (tweet). Every other blog out there seems to all source PW as the originator of the info. Also, DiCaprio has a lot of projects he's working on and I seriously doubt we will hear anything more about this for many moons.

But its still nice to dream about what could be done with a decent budget and some CGI.

In the meantime, here's the trailer for the original film from 1983:

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