Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Despite the fact that I am not the biggest of football fans, this year's Super Bowl was actually one of the better games I've watched in a while. Of course, I was paying more attention to the commercials than the game most of the time.

Which was your favorite? Did the 3D gimmick for "Monsters vs Aliens" wow you or was it as lame as you expected it to be? Did Pepsi Max's "Im Good" make you chuckle or wince? Was Alec Baldwin's promo for Hulu amusing, or did the Ed McMahon and MC Hammer spot for pawning off your gold jewelry make you laugh or just feel sad for these guys?

YouTube's Adblitz channel have put together a compilation of all the spots that aired during the broadcast and you can vote for which one you liked or disliked. Voting ends Feb 4th so check it out and vote for your favorite.

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