Terminated: Sara Connor Tanks in Neilsons

In an announcement that will come as a suprise to no one (except those who thought the show was already cancelled...) Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles, is higly unlikely to be renewed for a third season. In fact, two remaining fans of the show, be grateful that FOX has deigned to even air the remaining episodes for this season!

It seems that Fox thinks that it has its "hot robot chicks" niche pretty well filled with Joss Wheaden's Dollhouse.

... and for those who hold out hope...please allow me to crush it for you:

Will another network pick it up?

Doubtful. Why would a network pay good money for a show with such sucky ratings? Each network has shown itself capable of generating sucky ratings on their own...much cheaper.

What if we send them millions of scantily clad miniature robots...like what they did for Jericho?

Even if you could find such things, save 'em. They'll be ignored by the execs and annoy the mail room crowd.

The upcoming movie will renew interest in the franchise, won't it?

It was supposed to be the other way around. The point is, either you dig the franchise, or you don't. At this point, it is unlikely that exposure to the universe will help the bottomed-out Neilson ratings.

What if we all go and buy the DVDs?

You are not hearing me. This show finished with a viewership that was matched by CCTV footage of a homeless guy picking his ass at the 53rd street bus stop.

Boo-hoo...I'll never watch Fox again!

Yes, you will. American Idol is on tomorrow...

and quit crying...baby.

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