Ratings Win for Hollywood's Big Night

After last year's lowest ratings ever for the Academy Awards broadcast, anything could be seen as an improvement. But this year's numbers look to be a BIG improvement over last years.
According to TV by the Numbers, Nielsen's early overnight ratings show that the 81st annual awards show got a 22.9 rating/36 share. Compared to last year's 20.8./32 this improvement will be seen as a ratings win and a huge value to the advertisers that ended up getting discounted costs for 30 second air time during the telecast. (it ONLY cost $1.4 million for 30 seconds.)

Yesterday afternoon, resident Hollywood hype-spreader Nikki Finke wondered if Hollywood was tired of the Oscars. What with celebrities choosing to do other things than sit in a theater and watch the four hour pageant.

I've never been a huge fan of the butt-numbing, tux-mandatory, pat-on-the-back-fest, but I still watch it every year. Looking at this years awards season it doesnt take an expert in Hollywood bullshit to figure it out: Its a combination of predictable wins from obscure films that most people outside of the academy haven't seen, (cough...THE READER...cough) and the oversaturation of other awards shows all trying valliantly to be as spectacular as the big show.

Yes, I have a long-standing resentment for the Golden Globes as being nothing but a bunch of elitist big mouths, but there was more than that. I cant even count the different awards shows that were bragged about this year. Perhaps all of these shows have taken some of the luster off Oscar and by the time the big night finally comes, people are burned out and flat just dont care anymore.

Still, despite the one or two surprises at this year's presentation (Penelope? Seriously??) the show was still pretty predictable.
And with that, we can wrap up our trophies, roll up the red carpet and wait to see what will happen next year.

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