OUTRAGE! Oscar Memorial Snub

I am truly remiss for not realizing this until now, but thanks to the guys at Cinematical, I now completely agree and will do my damnedest to shout from the rooftops to make sure the world knows of this injustice.

The Academy Awards telecast always has an "in memoriam" segment where they show dreamy, slow motion dissolve shots of all the celebs that have died in the previous year. The segment almost always ends with some cliche touch like this year's empty spotlight on a black curtain or more often a slow, silent fade to black...just before the commercial for new Pampers or the latest must-have non-prescription-strength drug jars you back to reality.

But this year they made a terrible, TERRIBLE exclusion from the list of individuals who rightfully deserve the honor of being remembered:

His name was Don LaFontaine

Don was the proverbial "voice of god" for over 5000 movie trailers over the years. The line "In a world..." became his defacto signature, along with a beautiful baritone vocal clarity that worked perfectly to cut through the other sounds in almost any shot. He was a master of voice over. A consummate professional and my idol.

I've talked about him before and how I feel like the entertainment business is a little less special now that he's gone "off the picture" as it were.

I cannot BELIEVE that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn't include him in the memorial segment. And as Cinematical pointed out, he even did the voice overs for past Oscar telecasts!

How could they overlook that? Why...because he's not an actor? Because he's not a member of the Academy?

We put in a call to the Communications Dept at the Academy and were told to put the question in writing to their generic email address.

If you would like to do the same, the address is:


Drop em a note and ask why. Maybe we'll get an official statement or something.

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J_Jammer said...

That is kind of lame. Their trailers were above par with him doing them.

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