Myers Takes Top Honor for Worst Film

The Razzie awards have become as cliche and as obligatory on Oscar weekend as any other Tinseltown tradition. Something that "Golden Raspberry Award Foundation" founder John Wilson has happily accepted. Wilson has been able to spin this little celebration of the worst of Hollywood from its humble beginnings in his living room into a money-generating, press-following spectacle that has garnered him his own book deal and legions of "Aint it cool"- like followers.

Last night, on the eve of Hollywood's biggest (and most likely lowest rated) evening, "The Love Guru" won the Razzie for the worst movie of the past year. And when you think about the number of truly terrible films that came out in 2008, you begin to realize that this was no small feat.

Out of the 573 films that were released in 2008, a record 75 of those managed to get their own topic threads on the Razzie discussion forum. That list of contenders had to then be narrowed down to five for the slap-dash awards show, which "Guru" ended up beating.

But if there is one thing that Mike Myers has showed the world, when it comes to making cringe-worthy crappy films, he ranks high on the list. He now joins the illustrious ranks of past Razzie winners, Lindsay "I really respect the c--ts" Lohan in 2007's "I know Who Killed Me," Sharon Stone's "Basic Instinct 2" from '06, and Jenny McCarthy's "Dirty Love" from '05.

We ourselves picked Guru to be in our top five of the worst films of the year, but didnt expect it to beat out Vin Diesel's "Babylon AD." I guess since more people went to see Guru, it was technically more popular at being the worst.

Congratulations to Mike Myers for his well-deserved honor. I'm no guru, but I think its safe to predicte that there are many more accolades like this in his future.

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