Miley and Michael Soldout by Photosharing Friends

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"Miley Cyrus, the 16-year-old star of Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, has been accused of mocking Asians by making a slant-eyed pose in a photograph (pictured, with Cyrus third form left) that has surfaced on the Internet. This has led a group called the Social and Political Welfare of Asian Pacific Americans to call on her to apologies publicly."

Look at the photo and see there is no malicious intent. It seems to be a joke. As you can see all the white people (I don't know what European country they hail from) are squinting except for two who happen to be using their fingers to exaggerate their look. Then the lone Asian (who very well might be Chinese--but seeing how my knack for not knowing my own kind from one another I'll just stick with might) is widening his eyes to pretend to be a white person.

I don't see any white activist jumping on his 'Chinese' butt telling us how horrible it is for him to mock the white people. Double standard. And um let us remember that when you go to a place that is mainly a group of Asians that something happens. They will talk in their language and they are most likely talking about you.

Now for them to be pissed off at this picture is a joke. I would first need to see some form of kindness from them before I even begin to remotely think that they have an actual caring heart that isn't really a bleeding heart for attention.

Miley Cyrus has made some stupid mistakes that have to do with photographs, but this was in good fun. Whoever sold this to sell her out is a horrible person and I don't understand how low you have to be to make someone else's life more difficult just because you don't have what they have.


Michael Phelps is being investigated for the bong photo that a British Tabloid first got hold of. Now I don't, nor have I ever, smoked pot or done a bong hit. I also don't think that smart people dabble in such behavior. I feel really bad for celebrities who do not look for the constant spotlight. Who just want to go about living their lives. Michael Phelps has made major mistakes before, such as driving under the influence in 2004, but getting a hit off a bong is not a major mistake. The major mistake here is having a lowlife 'friend' around who found it within their kindness to profit from his celebrity.

How much money did the backstabber get for this photo? Where they hoping, not only for the money, to see Michael fail with his endorsements? Where they trying to show he's not the good guy everyone thinks he is? I know people who take hits and smoke and even though I think they are stupid for doing it I do not think that they are horrible people. Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes in their life and if we all were under a microscope and our mistakes were plastered all over the news for all to see (or our private moments with friends) we would not fair so well.

It is one thing to be upset when he drives under the influence and a totally another matter to piss on him for what he does in his private time. Because the former is something that affects everyone he comes into contact with. The later is something he needs to do to relieve stress that he has in his life or to relax. It's his time. It's his decision, not matter how dumb it might be.

I am glad that those endorsing him are not dropping. I hope Micheal knows who did this and blacklists them as a friend. Because with friends like know.

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