Idol Chatter: Week 2 Results

Well, as far as results shows go, this one sucked slightly less than last week's.

Some observations:

- My ears didn't bleed quite as much during the group least they can sing in unison.

- The forced innuendo-pseudo-brawl-insider-BS between Simon and Ryan is getting older than Simon's T-shirt.

- Brooke White (from last season) looked and sounded very good to me.

- It's amazing how much better everyone is once the pressure is off.

- The single moms and blue-collar guys had a bad night...

- I usually suck at these predictions...the fact that I'm 2-for-2 reflects the disparity between Danny and Adam and all the rest...

- The top three weren't very surprising, but only Adam has a real chance in this competition.

- No real travisties in these selections...I think, for the first time, it will be tough to argue against any of the finalists... here are "Da Winnaz" from Last night:

Adam Lambert: Not surprising. They killed all suspense in the matter by pairing him with "Norman, the comic relief" as if anyone would believe that he would fail against such "competition". They did this last week with Danny and Tatiana. Was anyone fooled?

Allison Irahita: Looked, sounded and acted like a much more mature artist than she did last night. If she maintains that level of energy, she could be a sleeper.

Kris Allen: Everyone else must have a longer memory than I do. He's talented, and his performance was good. I think his key disadvantage going on will be the fact that he's a guy... the male talent seems to far outstrip the female this year. Has anyone noticed that they have so far placed 4 guys and only 2 girls into the finals? If this trend continues (it won't...the producers will rig the wild card to equalize the numbers...) the finals will be a real sausage-fest...

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J_Jammer said...

I was pleased with these results.

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