Idol Chatter: Predicting the Results

Since Jammer decided to steal my thunder by posting his opinions on last night's contestants, I'm left with only the task of making a few general observations and trying (probably)inaccurately to predict the results:

- The New format: Hear 12, pick three. I'll let you know if I like this when the top 12 are revealed.

- This group (all 36) has more agrigate talent than the entire first 7 seasons combined. (this is not necessarily a good thing, as it's kind of fun watching 19 Productions try to dress mediocre talent and make them a star)

- Kara sounds like Paula would sound if she laid off the booze and pills.

- Paula sounds like Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman.

- Randy is back to the "yo-yo's" and the "pitchy" bulls*hit.

- Simon found the mean, again, but so far, he's been on base with the critiques.

So, Here's my predictions:

Mortal Locks:

Danny Gockey: Robert Downey Jr. Jr. Did nothing to hurt his status as an early favorite in the competition. In fairness, as Simon pointed out, his performance wasn't great...just better than anyone else's.

Alexis Grace: I will respectfully disagree with Jammer here. While she was not as good as the Judges' reaction (no one was), she had one of the VERY few memorable performances of the evening. Plus, she's way hot...reminds me of Nikki McKibbon from season 1...hopefully minus the drug problem.

On the Bubble:

Jackie Tohn: Nice voice, able performer. She has charisma that is lacking in most other contestants at this point. Given that there is a baseline high level of singing ability, a lot may hinge on song selection, wardrobe and performance style. "Bada-bing" did well in all of these.

Ricky Braddy: Very good technical vocalist. No other advantages. "Sleeper" refers to the audience when they watch him.

Brent Kieth: Good country sound, but this ain't "Nashville Star". ...and don't tell me "Carrie Underwood"...she didn't go totally country untill the last few weeks. Trying to make everything country through the whole competition will kill him, if reminding everyone every week that he WAS on Nashville Star doesn't...

Anoop Desai - He could easily be this year's David Archuletta. He's very teeny-bopper-freindly, but otherwise unremarkable.

Ann Marie Boskovich: Gorgeous girl, good voice. Otherwise unremarkable. Lacks the "It" factor.

Michael Sarver: Male version of Ann Marie.

Tatiana Del Toro: Dialed back the crazy this week. Sang decently. "votefortheworst" may help keep her around.


Stevie Wright: Nerves, crappy song choice, and unlucky poll position served to make her look and sound a lot worse than she is, but with little margin of error, she's pretty much rogered.

Stephen Fowler: So, he finally remebers the words...who remembers his performance?

Casey Carlson: Stick to modeling, babe. You are WAY out of your league.

So, you know what I think, you know what Jammer thinks, you know the Judge doesn't think...tell us what YOU think! Tomorrow, we'll discuss the results, and pretend we care what you think!

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