Idol Chatter: Group Two: Electric Boogaloo

Gotta say that this group was very disappointing overall, and the ladies result will be very hard to predict.

General observations:

- Randy is saying "pitchy" again, and now he's got Paula doing it, too. Someone give Simon a baseball bat.

- Kara gives articulate, meaningful critiques. What the hell is she doing on Idol?

- Simon managed to plug Danny Gokey even though the man wasn't even on!

- Song choice is killing just about everyone! Billboard top-one hundred and we get "Betty Davis Eyes"?! C'mon...

- Somebody kill that Nick Mitchell guy. love him or hate him...he DOES NOT BELONG on this show. If I were one of the more talented people passed over for the top-36, I'd be highly pissed at this guy occupying a valuable slot.

- The producers are flogging for Nick (probably to create Sanjaya-buzz)...the judges looked like they were forced by producers to say positive things about his "act".

-Do you have to be a "single-mom-trying-to-make-it-on-her-own?" (SMTMOHO) to even get on this show? Like nine contestants fit this description, and some of them were guys! (maybe not...but there were still a bunch of them...)

- I'm pretty sure it will be Adam and two ladies tonight... the rest of the guys pretty uniformily sucked.

OK... The Contestants:

Mortal Locks:

Adam Lambert: After two hours of suck, the producers gave us the ONLY real contender in this group. Forget the knocks on this guy (too much make-up, musical-theater-y delivery) he sings better than anyone else so far (even Danny G). He was a cut above everyone else.

On the Bubble:

Allison Irahita: "That redheaded chica". Sang decently. Definitely boosted by poor competition. Very young at 16..and shows it. Not in Tatiana's league as far as tantrums, but I could see here getting there.

Jessie Langseth: One of the SMTMOHO's. I liked her look and her voice. (I am a sucker for redheads) Song choice sucked.

Megan Corkrey: Another SMTMOHO. The only question here is why ANYONE would divorce this beautiful songstress. Good voice...shaky performance...but...damn...i'd hit that like Rhianna! (Too soon?) Also...the baby-doll dress detracted from her look.

Mishavonna Henson: The 50-year-old teenager. She sings well, but her look is kind of a Sela-Ward-in-a-vice deal. Very poised. The Anti-Allison.

Matt Guirard: A Producer's fave. Blew it with bad song and bad performance. Could sneak in as a wild-card or third-place based on overall resume.

Train Wrecks:

Jasmine Murray: MAJOR dissapointment. Totally caved to the pressure. TERRIBLE performance. Judges called her "not ready". America concurs.

Jeanine Vailes: If TWO judges can only compliment your legs, I think you're done in a singing competition. (especially when your face looks like the ugly-tree fell on it...)

Kai Kalama: If Sideshow Bob and Apu had a child.... seriously..fix the hair, dude. This guy is running on back-story, and his mom seemed pretty sprightly in the audience last night...

Kris Allen: I'm sure he performed last night, but I honestly can't recall anything about him. This does not bode well for him....

Matt Breitzke: Is anyone else tired of the "blue-collar guy" backstory. "I just want to make it for my family..." NEWS FLASH: many of us have doesn't entitle you to shiat! Seems like a nice guy, and has a decent voice...but seriously, if he's going to be in the music biz...i'm thinking "bouncer" or "roadie".

Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell: eyes! Gimmee a gun!!!! Enough with this guy. The "Gong Show" is calling.

Feel free to chime in in the comments section... I'm off to fantasize about Alexis Grace and Megan Corckry settling their differences in a vat of jello... (somebody mind their kids....)


NicholasW said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the Idol's from last night. It seems like each week is going to suck because they are forcing America to sit through the crappy performances the Judges normally sit through before they used to pick the final 24. I think if your a "blue-collar" worker or if your a "single mom" then you have a shot at American Idol anytime of the week....Its pretty pathetic that they are trying to create a story with these contestants. Honestly I could careless if they couldn't keep their legs closed or if they came from the backwoods.

Nick/Norman was funny because he is the only one in 8 years to "crash" Idol. But, it could of been done much better with someone a lot more funnier than him. Someone please shoot him!!

Kai I think has a good voice but its just to bad he blew it last night with an old and somewhat annoying song I used to hear while in the dentist office.

J_Jammer said...

I agree with the two at the top. I would have to say I voted a lot for Kris because I heard potential and wanted him to be in that third position as highest to go on.

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