Idol Chatter: America Voted...

...and got it just right for a change.

The winning three from the first group are:

Danny Gokey

Alexis Grace

and... Michael Sarver.

The only one I have minor issues with is Michael. While he has some talent, and is a good-looking guy, I predict that he will go the way of Michael Johns last year: I.E. Get overshadowed by better voices and more ability in the top twelve.

Interestingly, I had just said this very thing to my wife...the words were still out there in a pizza-flavored bubble...when who should walk on stage but that self-same Michael Johns (with Carly Smithson)... they sounded nice, but I still couldn't have picked either of them out of a lineup. (Carly had her "tats" covered).

Other Observations:

- The opening group-sing was a disaster! They do well on these numbers maybe one time in's time to think of different filler...I'd settle for more cheesy Ford or Coke Promos over that auditory roadkill on display last night.

- The David Cook - Carrie Underwood duet was good, I thought. Cook is one of my two favorite past winners.

- Smart to have the WINNERS sing instead of the losers...less sobbing...

- To announce elimination, they should have brought everyone to center stage in groups of four, and announced one winner per group. (you think the four who were asked to stand in place thought they were going on???)

- Saving Danny to be paired with Tatiana was good producin'. The phrase "If she goes on, and he doesn't, I'm not watching this season!" was uttered in millions of housholds (my own included.)

- Remember, there are three wild-card spots to fill... don't be surprised if we haven't seen the last of the self-indulgent, spoiled, bat-shiat crazy, marginally talented snowflake that is Tatiana ... (just to mess with us).

- Did you see what a bitch she was after Danny was announced? She was the only one out of 37 million observers who really thought she was going to go on instead of Danny.

- I don't know if they have a one-per-group policy on the wild cards or not, so I'll give two possibilities per group. *puts on "Amazing Kreskin" hat*...

Wild Card possibilities:

Anoop-dawg (I still think he's this year's Archuletta)

Kill the eye-catapillars!

Tatiana (fodder for the show-haters, judges, and, hey, watching a 16-year-old lose their shiat on live TV is just entertaining....)

still nucking futz!

They flashed through next week's group...I only recognized a couple of the faces...should be a hoot.

Tell us your thoughts...I'd love to include comments on reader reactions...but we need readers with reactions for that.....


J_Jammer said...

I'm glad she's gone. She cried. There was no congratulations in her actions for anyone---she sobbed for herself; licking her wounds like a crazed kitten., as I've stated before, fails because they don't have the power to alter anything. They think they do because of flukes from the past, but I can explain away any proof they think they had in keeping people. This proves that they don't have that power.

Brad said...

I refute your assertion with two simple words: Sanjaya Malikar.

J_Jammer said...

True, however, he was well liked by little girls and therefore since they do make a mass majority of who watch the could very well have rode the waves of their fingers; not the other way around.

Brad said...

"rode the waves of their fingers..." what an astoundingly mixed metaphor...gotta love that.

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