Hurray, the Oscars are over!

So did you watch the broadcast last night? Did anyone?

The one nice thing about the Oscars being over is that it signifies the end of a long and insane award season. And this year, the season was owned by a small-budgeted movie based around Mumbai that was a perfect example of life imitating art.

"Slumdog" won 8 out of the 9 categories it was nominated for, Heath won for best supporting actor, Sean Penn sounded genuinely magnanimous, and through it all, no one seemed to care.

Last year's Academy Awards presentation was the lowest rated broadcast in Oscar history. So did this year's do any better? The overnight numbers have not been announced yet, but when they do, we'll post the figures here.

I gotta say that for the most part, I thought the broadcast went well. I liked the look of the show and the way the presenters for each category had the previous winners speaking directly to the nominees. It gave it the feeling that they were part of a fraternity of lucky individuals. A club of winners.

Although in hindsight, my idea of "drink every time someone sings" was probably a bad idea.

Right now, I'm too busy nursing a hangover to care much about anything. However I will say that if you have the means to try some 12 year old Scotch from the oldest distillery in Japan, I highly recommend it.

Anybody know where I put that extra large bottle of aspirin?

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