DTV Transition: the Quagmire Continues!

Last week on C-SPAN, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said that the DTV converter coupon program was "up and running again."

"Hooray!" shout the now 4.3 million people who have applied for the $40 discount coupon and are waiting patiently for the niftly little plastic card to grace their mailboxes.

However, in speaking to Broadcasting and Cable magazine, the National Telecommunications & Information Administration spokesman Bart Forbes said that the NTIA still doesn't have access to the funds that were allocated to keep the program running. So the discount coupons are only being issued once the older cards go un-used and expire.

Remember, the main reason for moving the original analog signal cut off date from Feb 17 to June 12 was to make sure that no one would be without their precious boob tube.
But with more than a third of all US-based over-the-air TV broadcast stations having already pulled the plug on their analog transmitters, and more planning on shutting down in the weeks and months to come, more people will soon be without their precious television signal to keep them alive.

My god, how will they watch American Idol? This should be a nationwide state of emergency!!

Of course, those that can afford it can just go down to their nearest evil empire corporate megastore and walk home with the ugly hunk of plastic and lights for about $40. But for those that cannot afford it, they will soon be looking at a screen full of snow.
Stay tuned (if you can) as this situation is likely going to get a lot worse.

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