Drew Barrymore to Direct Twilight Sequel?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Drew Barrymore may be directing the third sequel in the "Twilight" series of teen-targeted vampire stories. Of course, this is all just wild speculation and no one has actually confirmed anything. But that doesn't stop EW from posting something they know will be picked up by the throngs of pre-teen girls that live and breathe every iota of information about this franchise and spread it through the internets like wildfire.

So yeah, possibly, maybe, Drew might be on the short list of potential directors for "Eclipse" that Summit Entertainment is fast tracking to get to the big screen. Or maybe not. Who cares, really? It brings page views to EW's site and that helps their per-click ad count and that's all that matters.

Excellent link bait, EW. Bravo.


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Nefertari said...

You may give a sarcasitc squee, but I only came to your site today to read this one article.

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